Want Glowing Skin? Want To Look Younger And Freshe...

Want Glowing Skin? Want To Look Younger And Fresher?

Looking After Your Skin

Stay hydrated. We have had it drummed into us for years that we need to be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. This is especially necessary if you want clear, vibrant-looking skin. Staying hydrated is important to skin health for two main reasons. Firstly, hydrated skin has fewer fine lines, better elasticity, and looks generally brighter. Secondly, drinking plenty of water helps to flush out water-soluble toxins from the kidneys. Remember that the skin will be used as a fast and convenient waste removal if any of the other modes of elimination are in any way inhibited. This can lead to skin breakouts and lesions. However, don’t overdo it and drink excessive amounts of water. That can be potentially dangerous and even lead to death.

Get the best skin care possible by using the miraessence products. A good skincare regime is essential for anyone, especially those with skin complaints. Such a regime can work wonders for the skin, and how it functions and thrives as an organ. Choose a range of products with the minimum amount of harsh chemicals. Get advice from a highly trained beauty therapist or skincare expert to find products that are best for you.

Reduce sugar intake. Ok, I know this is a hugely debated area. Many “experts” will tell you that there is no link between sugary foods and skin conditions. I beg to differ, and here is my reasoning. When we eat sugar, we get a very sudden rise in blood sugar. When this happens, our body initially releases adrenalin. After a while of surging adrenalin in circulation, the skin is affected. Adrenalin directly stimulates the sebaceous glands in the skin. This will cause a drastic increase in the production of sebum, and increase the likelihood of developing skin ‘break outs’.

Fill up on good fats, omega 3,6 and 9. These fats are vital for skin health. They help to condition the skin and help to control inflammation. Plus, many of the food sources of these fats are very rich in other important nutrients such as zinc and vitamin E. Reach for sources such as hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, algae (spirulina) and oily fish.

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