Too Many Christmas Parties? Eating Too Much? Drink...

Too Many Christmas Parties? Eating Too Much? Drinking Too Much Alcohol? Late Nights?

This time of the year can be hectic for some people and there diet goes out the window! Sound familiar? This lifestyle will burden your immune system and you may be feeling bloated, lacking energy and may even  have a minor sore throat? To deal with this try giving your immune system a boost… plenty of fruit and vegetables. Take a supplement that contains vitamin C, zinc and berry extracts three times a day. Herbal remedies such as cat’s claw and echinacea are quite good too if you would rather not take supplements.  If you have a blocked nose and catarrah avoid dairy until it passes. Wrap up and keep yourself warm this week coming up to Christmas!
Erika Doolan – Nutrition Consultant
by dylan mcgrath
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