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The 3 Day Juice Challenge With Nutritionist Erika Doolan At The Punnet Health & Beauty Store


Juicing can have huge benefits if it’s done right, you can view the website to learn more here. Introducing your body and mind to a whole new world of delicious nutrients can be fun. Many people avoid vegetables and fruit all their lives and then wonder why they end up with skin conditions such as psoriasis, asthma, low energy levels and even serious medical conditions.

Juicing is a clever way to consume all those veggies that you find tasteless and mundane. I always advise parents that have difficulty with their children’s eating habits to juice or make soups. It is by far the easiest way to hide those greens! It floods your bloodstream with a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will give you a boost and a new sense of direction. I always feel brand new afterwards…much cleaner, leaner, lighter, glowing skin, shiny hair and my energy levels soar.
It’s a fantastic way to detox and nourish your body especially if you feel you haven’t been very healthy over the last few months. It will give you the kick start your body needs.The problem is that some people think they can juice for 3 days and go back on to their junk food. It really doesn’t work like that. You will need to continue on a maintenance plan in order to achieve optimum nutrition. Continue by eating food that is fresh and as close to it’s natural state as possible.

Juicing has been consistent in Ireland since the opening of Boost and Zumo juice bars back in the day when Dundrum Shopping Centre first opened. Over the last 3 weeks I see a sudden surge of interest in people part taking in a 3 – 5 day juice detox. It has hit the country with a bang since the repeat of the life changing documentary ‘ FAT, Sick and Nearly Dead withJoe Cross. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it now.

James and Darragh at The Punnet Health & Beauty Store, Glasthule, have taken the initiative to get this country detoxing and they are doing a wonderful job encouraging healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles. They have come up with a fresh, tasty and nutritious menu that will keep you going back for more!

Many people report that the juicing itself is very quick but it’s the cleaning of the machine that annoys them most. If you don’t clean out your machine there and then it can leave a disgusting odour lingering in your kitchen so you got to clean it straight away even before you consume your juice! For people with busy lifestyles or people who want to feel energised and healthy without the mess, the Punnet Health & Beauty Store have come up with the perfect solution. They have now created a 3 day juicing challenge that can be ordered to pick up or can be delivered right to your door. Their menu has been carefully researched and designed to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. They tailor the menu according to your lifestyle.

I really don’t like the cold and dark evenings so every Winter I like to prepare for the months ahead. Growing up like many others, I had SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but now because my diet and lifestyle are so clean, I don’t notice it as much however I always like to take precautions. I decided it’s that time of year again for some cellular rejuvenation and doing a green juice detox is just the answer to ensure I overload my body and mind with micronutrients…these really help to lift my mood. I decided to go mainly green however, you may choose other recipes to ensure you get all the nutrients your body requires.

While I was ordering I was asked what my current lifestyle was like a) Was I working out in the gym everyday? b) Do I do heavy or light exercises ?
I told James that I am in the gym every day but I still wanted more green juices than any other flavour. That evening my juices arrived in this paper bag and I put them straight into the fridge as directed.

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Day 1
On rising, I drank a pint of hot water and a slice of lemon.
A half hour later, I started my day with my ‘Green Glasthule Remix’: celery, cucumber, ginger, spinach, lime, kale and avocado….yummy!
For lunch I had Brunch Bonanza: Apple, ginger, lime, beetroot, spinach, orange
Dinner: Turbo Charge Smoothie: cucumber, pineapple, apple, avocado, red pepper and spirulina.
My favourite juice was the Turbo Charge Smoothie…it was unreal…BEST juice I have ever tasted!

If it is your first time doing this Day 1 can be easy but it’s Day 2 that separates the men from the boys. Toxins start leaving your body, withdrawal symptoms kick in and you may feel slightly hungry. Day 3 you will start to feel the benefits and you will be hooked and will want to continue to day 5! I lost 6lbs over 3 days and felt much leaner, lighter and my mind was clear. I advise anyone doing this detox to continue your light exercises each day. It is uncanny how much energy you will have…more than you will have ever expected. I felt full as well which makes it so much easier. I often hear people say that it has to be bad for you because you are not eating. This is WRONG! This is not bad for you. You will get more nutrients in three days than you probably would in a week on your normal diet. Fruit and vegetables do not cause problems to your body. It is the processed foods and junk foods that diminishes our body. You are nourishing your body with beautiful nutrients that it needs. However, remember to go easy on the fruit and consume more vegetables.
Be warned that you may suffer some side affects: headaches, nausea, skin breakout, colds and flus. This is a sign that it is working so don’t stop now…keep riding through. My tummy felt much flatter on the 3rd day and I began craving healthy foods. Juicing is a great way to overcome some of your bad habits.
If it is your first time, I recommend you add in some fruit like apples or pineapples but going forward you should go hardcore and juice veggies only but the guys will guide you through your juicing experience and offer their recommendations! The Punnet Health Store have carefully put a menu together to ensure you will get all the benefits and enjoy your juicing experience at the same time.
Check out The Punnet Health & Beauty Store and their menu below and for more information on their 3 day juice challenge.


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