Tenderstem Broccoli Is By Far My Favourite Vegetab...

Tenderstem Broccoli Is By Far My Favourite Vegetable….What Is Yours And Why? Is It For It’s Flavour Or Nutritional Content?

From a nutritional point of view my favourite vegetable is tenderstem broccoli, just bought lots of it yesterday from my local fruit and veg store! It can be hard to come across sometimes, but its really tasty. I eat it raw and dip it into some home-made hummus when im feeling a bit peckish. It is an excellent anti-aging oxidant and contains one of the highest amount of Glucosinates (double the amount that is in ordinary broccoli) which is the main anti-nutrients in vegetables and help detoxify the liver. Tenderstem is a cross between Chinese kale and broccolli (check out the picture). I love the taste of it and my body craves it possibly for its high magnesium content and its crunchy texture. We should all be eating at least three servings of vegetables per day ALWAYS ensuring to include green vegetables!  
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