Let’s Make Healthy Food More Appealing, Make It Fun and tasty…..BE CREATIVE!

School Lunches Ideas:
*Remember a lot of these food ideas depend on age of child.

Please avoid giving your kids white bread.
Instead opt for wholemeal pitta pockets , Mc Cambridge’s brown bread, rice cakes, oatcakes or if you have time why not make your own healthy bread or healthy muffins! Pack them with lots of seeds and goodness! I have lots of delicious healthy bread recipes, let me know if you would like me to post some.
Snack Food Ideas:
Boiled eggs
Fish fingers
Corn on the Cob
Chicken and vegetable kebabs
Homemade soup in a flask
Why not be creative and make the food fun by using crafts supplies, fun toothpicks, cookie cutters, cloth napkin, flowers, a note or picture from you, and stickers to make lunch feel interesting, fun, and full of love.
Cut food into different shapes and sizes with a cookie cutter, the extra few seconds to do this is worth it. Kiddies love food in small quantities and it makes it easier for them to eat it….so make them mini or buy them mini
Kids love finger food and love to be able to dip their food into sauces so why not make some healthy dips they can dip there veggies, meat/fish fingers, or cheeses into!
Some yummy dips include salsa of all kinds (mango, pineapple, tomato), hummus, guacamole, nut spreads (if allowed).

Healthy Treats:
Most schools now forbid sweets and chocolate for lunch so other alternatives that would be allowed include:
Flapjacks made with nuts, oats, seeds, use agave syrup to sweeten is an excellent way to get goodness.
Buckwheat pancakes with agave syrup
Natural yoghurt with blueberries and agave syrup
Fruit Smoothies made with natural yoghurt
Dark chocolate rice cakes with almond butter spread….delicious (this is my favourite treat….even try it yourself)
Dried figs or apricots

Healthy Drinks Appealing To Kids
Fruit water make with sparkling or still water is a really fun way to get some nutrition and flavour into water without sugar. This can be really refreshing, can look really pretty and it is so quick and easy to make! If they are old enough get them to help you…….children love being involved!
All you do is chop up some fresh fruit….. strawberries, lemons and limes, etc and add to a pitcher/sealed bottle of either sparkling or still water along with some herbs finely chopped. Put in the fridge to chill. Discard after three days, or when it gets funky.
My favourite Fresh Fruits to use for fruit water: Strawberries, cucumber, watermelon, peaches, lemons, limes and oranges.
My favourite Fresh Herbs to use for fruit water: Basil, mint, and lemon balm.
Add some xylitol to sweeten if desired.

Essential Tips For Healthy Lunches:
A Thoughtful approach
Be Creative
With our hectic lifestyles today…. working, dropping and picking kids to and from school and on top of all that trying to make lunches!!! How can we reduce the stress of all this???
Create a healthy lunch plan for the week and have all of those items pre bought.
Pre-chop fruits and vegetables at the start of the week.
Place food portions for meals in sealed sandwich bags or containers for example: chopped  fruits, vegetable sticks, cheese portions.
Use any left-over’s from the night before, for example, chicken pieces, salmon  pieces
Make lunch while you are making another meal, like breakfast in the morning or dinner the night before.
Be an example to your child, change your bad habits, and encourage them to eat well.

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