Secret Foods And Tips To Increase Your Sexual Desi...

Secret Foods And Tips To Increase Your Sexual Desire On Valentine’s Day. Share Your Ideas Too!

Aphrodisiacs can naturally alter our mental state into a relaxed and euphoric zone. These foods are highly nutritious and improve our health and intensify our libido. Both sex and food are closely related by being pleasurable and physical.
These foods  should be eaten regularly and fused into one’s daily diet for their health properties.Optimum nutrition is essential to for us to be able to feel good, enjoy life to the maximum andincrease our libido. When we are in poor health, our mood is low and we dont feel attractive or sexy anymore!
A diet overly rich in animal fats (including pasteurized dairy products) can block nerve sensitivity. Avoid processed foods, hydrogenated fats, fried foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates because they all decrease your libido. It is also best to eat small frequent nutritious meals.
Sharing food is a symbol of  love, trust and bonding. Eating with your partner and going out for meals together can really intensify your relationship both emotinally and sexually. Use your fingers to eat, notice everything, the aromas of your food, the taste, the beauty of the food and person you see, the sensation, the feeling and conversations you have. Good quality red wine, herbs and spices can really intensify these emotions.
Fruits entice passion with their sweetness and succulence. Consider their shape, hot colors and juicy nature. Apples, apricots, bananas, cherries, dates, mangoes, mulberries, peaches, persimmons, strawberries, and watermelon are all considered sex tonic foods. Eat more nuts and seeds as a snack, they contain the reproductive energy of plants. Almonds, chia, hazelnuts, hemp seed, pine nuts, poppy, walnuts, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, an important component of sexual fluids. They are best eaten when soaked over night.
  • Almond: These nuts have a certain scent that in fact turns women on and the shape of almonds represents fertility.
  • Aniseed: This strong taste and smell  naturally increases your desire.
  • Asparagus: Feed your lover boiled or steamed spears to get them in the mood! Eating asparugus for 3 days has an excellent effect on your sexdrive.
  • Avocado: In ancient times it was believed that the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled the male’s testicles and has a sensuous texture.
  • Artichokes :Heats the body and the spirit.
  • Bananas:l Rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessities for sex hormone production. Its shape has a sexual representation.
  • Basil: Stimulates the sex drive and boost fertility. You can also use the advncd test to increase the sex drive and have more long lasting erections.
  • Broccoli : Increase virility.
  • Chocolate:The secret for passion is to combine a glass of red wine with a 2 pieces of dark chocolate for a sensuous treat.
  • Carrots: believed to be a stimulant to the male and its shapes has been used to aid seduction.
  • Garlic and onions are warming and stimulating. Ancient lords were forbidden from consuming them in the belief that they would lose control over their sensual desires.
  • Grains for libido include rice, wild rice, barley, buckwheat, corn, millet and oats
  • Rocket Leaves: If you really want to excel your performance in bed these delicious greens will really enhance your libido. Its peppery flavour releases a sweat that in fact attracts women and has traditionally been included in aphrodisiac recipes.
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