Pesticides in Your Food

Did you know that all those pesticides that are sprayed are there to keep insects away and make our fruit and vegetables really waxy and false? Where do you think the insects end up??

They accumulate in the soil, leach into groundwater, linger on the grass our kids run on them in their bare feet, and stay on the foods that we eat. In other words, they end up in our bodies. Considering that these chemicals are invented to kill things, what kind of effect do you think they are having on our bodies when we eat the food they are sprayed on to? There is quite a lot of research only starting ‘to crop up’ on this topic and it’s very interesting to follow.

Some studies suggest that there is an increased risk of diabetes among farmers who routinely applied common pesticides to their crops. It’ll take more research to tease out all of the effects of pesticides on human health. One thing is very prominent and that is they are not good for our health, hormones and metabolisms. We’ve endured years of consuming these toxic substances without knowing what it’s actually doing to our bodies. It’s getting clearer by the day that we must start paying very close attention to where our food comes from. Traceability is so important and more and more consumers want to know where their food is being sourced and they have every right to know!  Buy organic to avoid pesticides in your foods, and keep those nasty chemicals off your grass!


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