Oats Helps Alleviate Mood Swings And Have A Tranqu...

Oats Helps Alleviate Mood Swings And Have A Tranquillising And Relaxing Effect

Oats are comforting and sustaining, they also bring a host of health benefits. 
As well as being a good source of energy-giving carbohydrates, oats are high in fibre, therefore maintaining steady blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes, and lowering cholesterol. They contain powerful, youth-promoting antioxidants, including vitamin E, tocotrienol, ferulic acid and cartels acid to fight against free radicals and protect against everything from heart disease to obesity and eye disease. Used topically, oats have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on skin. 
Packed with B vitamins, oats are useful for easing stress and can aid weightloss as they release their energy slowly, starving off hunger pangs. Sufferers from coeliacs disease should avoid any gluten and so cannot eat oats. 
My favourite: Organic oats with cinnamon and chia seeds! 
B-vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, iron, magnesium, selenium, silica, zinc, saponins, tocotrienol, ferulic acid, caffeic acid, protein, fibre
 Oats can be used to ease exzema – tie a musk in bag of oats over the tap when running a bath and soak in water.
Oatmeal Herbal Scrub – decongest the skin
3 tbsp dried parsley, lemon balm or fennel seeds
160ml/5fl oz/ 2/3 cup boiling water
1 tbsp ground oatmeal
2 drops almond oil
Make a herbal tea infusion by pouring the water over the herbs and covering for 15 minutes.
Strain and discard the herbs.
Allow the infusion to cool, then add enough to the oatmeal to form a paste-like consistency.
Add the almond oil.
Smooth the scrub on the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. 
Rinse off with tepid water and pat dry.
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