Mixing Diet with Exercise

I find it strange that millions are being spent on healthcare and more people are joining gyms, going on strict diets yet still getting fatter and suffering with more medical conditions then ever.

We are getting older before our time and more and more people are relying on medication for their medical conditions before they even consider their dietary or lifestyle habits.

As we age, we lose 30% of our muscle, not only do we lose the muscle from the body, we are losing it from our organs! This means that as we age, our heart, our liver, our kidneys and our brain are wasting away. And this can lead to cardiovascular problems, poorly functioning organs and reduced hormone secretion.

The loss of muscle reduces your metabolism by up to 45%. Even if your food intake stays the same, it becomes easier to gain fat where you once had perfectly toned muscle. 80% of weight loss is down to your diet and 20% is exercise. Research shows that our diet is important and what we are eating has got to change. Stick to foods that are as near to their natural state as possible and stay away from processed foods.

In terms of exercise it is important to include some weight or resistance training to achieve your ultimate goals, some people opt for surgery when it comes to weight loss and all I have to say to them is to please be careful with the professionals you chose for the procedure, try to stick to doctors that have the same experience and knowledge as the doctors from the Houston Liposuction clinic.
The solution is very simple yet people are being bombarded with mixed messages and are confused about what foods are good or bad, what exercise will help them lose weight and help achieve ultimate fitness. Everybody wants to experience rejuvenation, stay young, be healthy and have the ideal body. Change your life today and make the right food choices and combine it with at least 40 minutes of exercise per day.

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