Erika Doolan and Deirdre Mc Cafferty have teamed up to provide Ireland with a selection of delicious raw cold pressed juices. Recipes are designed by Erika Doolan Nutrition Ireland.  Cornucopia now offers a selection of individual juices available from their ‘good to go’ fridge and also a juice detox regimen for order from www.cornucopia.ie/juices and delivered to your door. The juices are produced to the highest standards in conjunction with nutritionist Erika Doolan and Liz Gale. The 3 day juice detox will leave you feeling fully energised as the living nutrients in the juices deliver vitamins, minerals and live enzymes that cleanse, heal and nourish. There are four bottles of incredible raw juice power a day and these will provide all necessary calories and nutrition your needs and more. Erika explains, “I have designed these nutritious juices for Cornucopia without any compromise on flavour. These recipes are fantastic. Lean Green is a morning smoothie beyond compare – combining avocado, wheatgrass and chia seeds. Ginger Sunrise is an excellent juice for the afternoon avoiding theses awful slumps. Deirdre and I plan to get Ireland juicing, happy and healthy. ”




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