Is Diet Coke Better For Your Health Than Ordinary ...

Is Diet Coke Better For Your Health Than Ordinary Coke?

Diet coke is just as bad as coke in fact it can have worse effects long term:

  • Leads to stomach ulcers and digestive related problems
  • Rots teeth from the acid in the flavouring, and the sweeteners
  • Be prepared for many sleepless nights due to its caffeine content.
  • Diet coke contains sweeteners such as sorbitol which will disrupt your digestive system.
  • Aspartame effects the brain and nervous system leading to MS or Parkinson’s disease. This starts off with tremors and can lead to blindness. Studies have shown that the effects diminish when the sweetners are removed!
  • Diet drinks DO lead to weight gain, don’t be fooled

Cut out all fizzy drinks except for sparkling water. Drink this instead with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Cut down on ALL fizzy drinks (DIET OR NOT) and then take it out of your diet completely, wean yourself off it slowly and you will see a huge difference in your weight!

The business of sugar-free foods and drinks began to boom in the 1960s when people realised the importance of controlling weight gain in the management of diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners actually promote weight gain.

With this obesegenic environment we are living in many Irish families today are struggling with their weight and everyone is looking for a way to curb calories. Sugar substitutes give us the sweet flavour we crave without adding any calories to food or drinks and it feels like the perfect solution.

Saccharine taste like sugar with your coffee but you can’t always substitute when you’re baking for example it doesn’t have the same volume or texture as sugar once it’s heated up. Scientists tested large amount of Saccharine on rats and it was shown to cause bladder tumors, however when additional studies were conducted on human’s researchers found there was no length between saccharine intake and cancer rates in people. So the FDA removes Saccharine from its list of potential carcinogen. I still have my suspicions!

Aspartame is found in diet fizzy drinks, children’s diluted drinks and even chewing gum! Aspartame has been approved by more than 100 countries including Ireland but it’s still the most controversial of all the artificial sweeteners. Over the years, there has been a lot of reports on diseases, conditions and symptoms that have been related to aspartame. Sucralose was FDA approved and it’s been gaining on aspartame ever since because you could bake with it and it has longer shelf life.

Artificial sweeteners encourage weight gain. Some studies showed that artificial sweetener may help people to lose weight other studies showed that fake sugars actually can interfere with normal metabolic responses including blood sugar control and insulin levels and these body responses can contribute to weight gain. Plus in my personal experience with clients I found that artificial sweeteners keep the taste of sweets on your taste buds and in your mind which may actually make it more difficult for you to kick your sugar cravings. Your brain still thinks that its sugar and it doesn’t stop the cravings. I prefer people to cut back on all added sugars natural and artificial.  If this is too hard a task then I prefer people to use a small amount of raw organic honey or stevia in there food and beverages than the fake stuff.


Erika Doolan Nutrition Ireland


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