Incidental Exercise Is One Of My Secrets To Keepin...

Incidental Exercise Is One Of My Secrets To Keeping In Shape

What is Incidental Exerise?

It is the key to weight loss and improving fitness levels. What did people do years ago when there were no cars, no TV, no elevators and yet they were slimmer then us today.
Incidental exercise are movements you purposely chose to take throughout your day that will keep you healthy and fit, for example, walking to work rather than taking the car.

These are 8 Incidental Exercises That You Could Easily Add Into Your Daily Routine:

 Always Take the stairs
Whenever possible always choose taking the stairs rather than the lift or escalators.

Walk or bike it to work
Instead of travelling by car walk or bike it to work……it will save you money and keep you healthy. If you have to use public transport when travelling to or from work get off one or two stops or stations early and walk the rest.

Walk at lunch
Don’t spend your lunch breaks at your desk or in the canteen/cafe sitting around, have a quick bite to eat and then head out for a 20 – 30 minute walk on your own or try get some friends out with you….im sure they would be delighted! This will get the heart racing, the calories burning, it will prevent you from eating junk and will distress you and make you feel refreshed for the rest of the day……..Try it!

Walk to the local shops
Instead of jumping in your car to grab something you need in the shop why not take a little walk and enjoy the fresh air while you are doing it.

Cut down on television
Personally, I hardly ever watch TV infact I never watch it unless there is something I really want to see, I just have no time for watching TV. It’s terrible today people spend their evenings flicking through stations, such a waste of life! I would rather go for a walk, go for a game of tennis, go to the gym, call over to a friend or do something active. While watching TV you could bring a piece of exercise equipment out in front of the TV. eg. Swiss ball, kettlebells.

Speaking on mobile phone
When speaking on your mobile or cordless phone at home, pace around or do some things around the house during the phone call.

Enhance your posture
Instead of sitting on the standard desk chair at home or work try using a stool and be conscious of sitting upright, shoulders back. You may use a fit ball on a regular basis this will improve your posture, core stability, balance and increase your calorie burn throughout the day. Start pilates or strength training to improve your posture.

Work outdoors
Why not mow the lawn, get different types of hedge trimmers, hoover up the fallen leaves, weed your garden? Wash and hoover your car out regularly, you will feel good keeping everything clean. Instead of putting them off, get out there and get stuck in.
Erika Doolan Nutrition Ireland
Nutritionist – Rustic Stone

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