Erika’s Personal Tips For Helping Your Battl...

Erika’s Personal Tips For Helping Your Battle Against Anxiety And Depression

This is WORLD MENTAL HEALTH week. This is an area I am most passionate about as I am living proof that diet and gaming lifestyle helps relieve my symptoms of anxiety and depression.

PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS POSSIBLE to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and other mental health issues through nutrition and lifestyle. Some small tips include:

1. Getting to bed at the same time every night approx. 10 pm

2. Get up early. Drink hot water and lemon to cleanse.

3. Go walking every morning for at least 30 minutes on rising. Get lots of EXERCISE!

4. Affirmations work very well..DO NOT think these are crazy or be embarrassed, trust me THEY WORK! Do them repeatedly every day over and over again.

5. Take an ICE COLD SHOWER. This will stimulate your circulation and boost your mood.

6. Do NOT isolate. I know it is hard to talk when you are feeling awful but do your best to contact a friend or someone you feel at ease with.

7. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very effective for anxiety sufferers.

8. Cut out junk food, refined carbs, trans fatty acids, sugary treats, caffeine and any other stimulants.

9. Cleanse your body and mind. Eat more vegetables, juices, nuts and seeds. Try balance your blood sugar levels.

10. Lean cuts of beef, for example the eye of round is an excellent food for anxiety sufferers.

11. Stick with positive people. Remove any negativity or negative people or even a negative environment from your life as best you can. If you find this difficult go and talk to a councillor and get some tips and trick of how to do it.

12. Remember make a decision even if it is the wrong decision…don’t worry. Sitting stagnant and not making decisions leads to not living and frustration.

13. Remember you can do anything you want if you want it bad enough, manage your time better and you will be able to have free time for fun and online games even!

14. Be strong, you are as good as everybody else.
15. Nutrients can work very well for helping with with mental health issues. If you wish to find out more please contact me or The Bio Balance Centre for more information.

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With love, Erika Doolan


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