Did You Know That Salty And Sweet Taste Sensations...

Did You Know That Salty And Sweet Taste Sensations Can Decline Dramatically As We Age?

by Erika Doolan Nutrition Ireland on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 9:59am · Aging is a part of life and we can’t stop the clock. We can embrace it by keeping our spirits young with laughter, love and creativity. Nutrition and lifestyle plays a huge role in determining how gracefully we age. It affects certain senses, such as taste, smell, vision, and in tum affects the types of foods that will be chosen. Salty and sweet taste sensations can decline markedly with age, causing some to prefer foods that are richly seasoned. However, certain spicy foods produce gas. Many older persons complain of “heartburn,”. that often is not caused by increased acidity but by gas production. Others resort to extra salt in order to overcome their gradual loss of taste. Sodium and its role in water retention and high blood pressure may then become a problem. By the way I chose this picture because I absolutely adore Jack Nicholson

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