Did You Know That A Skinless Duck Breast Is Leaner...

Did You Know That A Skinless Duck Breast Is Leaner Than A Skinless Chicken Breast?

The secret of including Duck in your weight-loss diet is to remove all of the fat and skin. You can enjoy it as part of your diet ‘in moderation’, providing that you use also use careful healthier cooking methods. Duck is delicious roasted or stir fried and is an excellent source of the stress- busting vitamin B2.
It is a popular and uniquely tasty variety of poultry and is a wonderful source of immune-boosting nutrients. Although duck is high in cholesterol, it is low in saturated fat. A skinless duck breast is leaner than a skinless chicken breast. Duck meat provides plenty of the protein and iron needed to repair tissue and build new cells. Eating duck will also help you to combat stress as it contains the vitamin B2 and aids the production of infection-fighting immune cells.
Ducks were first domesticated in China, where they are appreciated for their eggs.
Nutrients: Vitamin B2, Iron, Zinc, Protein
Erika Doolan
Nutrition Consultant
      by dylan mcgrath
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