Creamy Without The Dairy! Erika’s Avocado Sm...

Creamy Without The Dairy! Erika’s Avocado Smoothie

Avocado Smoothie is packed with good fats and helps burn off that unwanted fat. If you are staying away from dairy then use a ripe avocado in your smoothies instead. Spinach, lime, apple and avocado is delicious and fills you right up!

1 frozen banana (peel off skin before freezing otherwise it goes black.
1- 2 pressed apples
1/2 avocado (small or medium)
1/4 cup spinach
Splash of coconut/almond milk (add more if you like)
Squeeze 1/2 lime
Add avocado, spinach, milk, lime and banana to a blender. Press apples separately and add to avocado mixture in blender. Blend and add ice if you wish.
You can play around with it until you get something you like. If you want more texture then add more frozen bananas or more avocado. Enjoy 🙂

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