Bay Restaurant: Dining in Clontarf for your Health...

Bay Restaurant: Dining in Clontarf for your Health and Dietary Needs

screen-shot-2014-07-23-at-19-03-53If you’re counting calories, following a specific eating plan, or happen to suffer from certain allergies or food intolerances, Bay is likely to represent the Holy Grail of eateries.

Bay Clontarf Restaurant overlooks the beautiful Dublin Bay; its unique menu and sociable atmosphere make it the perfect place to dine with friends and loved ones alike.

Since Bay is open throughout the day, I popped in for brunch. Choosing from the restaurant’s comprehensive menu is far from a chore. Since the nutritional information regarding each dish is clearly displayed, at Bay, it’s easy to make the right choices for your body.

Whether you’ve gone gluten free, are counting calories, or merely fancy a delicious yet wholesome dish, Bay’s menu is sure to star something that will have you salivating. From sweet Buttermilk Pancakes with Mixed Berries to savoury Eggs Benedict, there really is something for everyone.

Previously, Bay has won the title of “Best Brunch in Dublin” several times over. And since its popular dishes are made from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, diners are able to trust in and understand the food they’re eating.

Though tempted by Bay’s homemade mango and strawberry smoothies, I kicked things off with a Virgin Mary, which comprises tomato juice and a range of spices sure to supercharge the metabolism. Totalling just 44kcals, it was a delicious, light start to proceedings.

I followed this with Bay’s delectable Vegetarian Omelette, which featured mushrooms, spinach and mungbeans, and was accompanied by a salad of baby leaves. Although you can opt to have brie added to your omelette and chips served on the side, in this instance, I went without. (However, the dish that was delivered to my table was far from lacking.)

Eggs are a fantastic, filling source of protein, and mushrooms, in particular, boast a plethora of nutritional attributes. In fact, the medicinal properties associated with mushrooms have been known for centuries, and eating fungi has been always linked to healthy circulation and glowing skin. In addition to this, a randomised clinical trial found that mushrooms protect the immune system and ward off disease and infection.

Peppers are delicious in omelettes, raw juices, salads and soups. They help you consume some of your daily vitamins and contain compounds that may be linked to burning fat, pain reduction and reducing wrinkles. Capsaicin found in peppers can also help to curb your appetite and raise body temperature, giving your body a warming effect.

Another tempting option found on Bay’s prize-winning brunch menu was its Free Range Scrambled Eggs with Chives. Served with homemade roast pepper and tomato relish, this dish struck me as another perfect way to start the day.

As I savoured my brunch, I enjoyed stunning views of Dublin Bay and the gentle, late morning buzz within this quirky restaurant. Since service was friendly and attentive, I had a great meal, and will no doubt be returning to Bay in order to sample its impressive range of lunch and supper dishes soon.


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