Am I Wheat Intolerant? How Can I Tell If I Am?

Am I Wheat Intolerant? How Can I Tell If I Am?

Wheat is one of the main reasons you may suffer from bloating and flatulence. Modern wheat is hybridised and it contains more gluten then ever before,this is a sticky protein in wheat that produces a larger, fluffier and more appealing loaf of bread with less flour used. It is actually harder to digest because of it’s high gluten content and can also reduce the absorption of other nutrients in your intestines by turning into a sticky, gluey substance……a good description would be almost like papier-mâché which is just a mixture of flour and water.
Not all wheat is bad for us…for example, spelt and kamut have a much lower gluten content, and now we can buy it in health food shops as flour, bread and pasta. Research proves that a large percentage of dietary starch such as wheat escapes absorption in the small intestines. This wheat is then completely digested by bacteria living in your intestines! This actually produces the various gases, causing bloating and flatulence. If you suffer from any of these symtoms why not try cutting wheat out of your diet completely for approximately 2 weeks? See what happens… can continue eating grains grains like spelt, millet, kamut and quinoa. After 2 weeks reintroduce the wheat back into your diet…. eat lots of it and see what happens. If this shows you that wheat is causing bloating and flatulence for you, reduce it as much as possible and in time if you will be able to have it occasionally without causing any problems.

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