At Rustic Stone our philosophy is simple, we source the best seasonal ingredients, then we apply simple techniques to extract the flavour,while giving you the information you need to add nutrition and structure to your diet. The produce I’ve chosen and our demand for freshness is the cornerstone of our Rustic idea while providing a healthy but affordable eating approach.

Erika has created the innovative menu at Rustic Stone with Dylan McGrath. Erika highlights the nutritional content of the menu and provides a comprehensive nutritional analysis of each dish. Through her nutrition consultancy, Erika is an expert in helping chefs and restaurateurs identify key areas on the menu where dishes can be made more nutritious without compromising on flavour. She educates the staff to understand the importance of healthy eating and provides the restaurant with a range of nutrition services including nutrient analysis (calories, fat, sodium content etc.) and allergen identification. This advice encourages you to take control of your own health, through the food you eat and the way you live your life. It provides a clear understanding of the nutrient profile of the menu to inform consumer choice. This valuable information helps to facilitate a more healthy eating approach to menu selections.

Most recently, Erika created Rustic Stone Restaurant’s Raw Menu which is based on using raw food ingredients in a way that enhance and complement the dishes’ flavour and nutritional value. Erika herself is a 70% raw vegan leaving herself 30% open for ongoing research into new nutritional therapies and diet plans.

Erika is currently working on a ‘Kidsize Me’ menus at Rustic Stone Restaurant and Fade Street Social. Kidsize Me is a joint initiative from the Nutrition & Health Foundation (NHF) and the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) on the provision of child size portions of adult meals in restaurants. The initiative aims to ensure children have access to healthier food options when dining out by making child size portions of adult meals available as an alternative to ordering from the standard children’s menu.

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