Nutrition Ireland was founded in 2010 and provides a professional consultancy service to hotel groups, restaurants and the food & health industry by Erika Doolan, Nutritionist.

What we provide:

  • Expert Food & Recipe Advice
  • Menu Analysis
  • Nutrient & Allergen analysis
  • Calorie Counting
  • Kid Size Me Menus

Erika is passionate about helping people enjoy great-tasting, healthy options at restaurants worldwide. All restaurants; from fast food outlets to fine dining establishments, are finding Erika’s program to be an unparalleled strategy for capitalising on one of the hottest consumer trends in the restaurant industry: the growing demand for healthy, tasty menu options and accurate nutrition information. Responding to this trend could give your restaurant that competitive edge in these times.

At many restaurants and food establishments nationwide, Erika highlights the nutritional content of the menu and provides a comprehensive nutritional analysis of each dish. Through her nutrition consultancy, Erika is an expert in helping chefs and restaurants identify key areas on the menu where dishes can be made more nutritious without compromising on flavour. She educates the staff in food establishments to understand the importance of healthy eating and provides restaurants with a range of nutrition services including nutrient analysis (calories, fat, sodium content etc.) and allergen identification. This advice encourages you to take control of your own health, through the food you eat and the way you live your life. It provides a clear understanding of the nutrient profile of the menu to inform consumer choice. This valuable information helps to facilitate a more healthy eating approach to menu selections.

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