A Trendy Eating Plan Called 5:2

What is the 5:2 diet?

The 5:2 diet is the latest trendy eating plan. However, unlike some of its nutritionally dubious predecessors (remember the cabbage soup diet?), the 5:2 plan is supported by some of the world’s leading scientists.
Recent clinical trials have found that those who fast intermittently not only lose weight but enjoy an array of health benefits too. Lowered cholesterol, improvements in blood pressure, and improvements in insulin sensitivity have all been linked to intermittent fasting.
Following the 5:2 plan is considered simple and pain free. Each week, devotees eat normally for five and fast for just two days. During fast days, 5:2 dieters consume approximately ¼ of their recommended calorie quota, which is approximately 500kcals for women and 600kcals for men.

5:2 Diet Friendly Restaurant and Takeaway Dishes

Since most friendly get-togethers are centred around food, when we follow a specific eating plan, we run the risk of missing out on certain social occasions. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Increasingly, restaurants are wising-up to the fact that many people follow specific eating plans, and most eateries won’t grumble if customers seek to customise a dish. Yet you may not wish to make a fuss, or you might feel rude asking for set dishes to be altered in order to meet your needs… Then there’s the problem of temptation; while you know you ought to have a simple salad, sometimes, a good wholesome dinner or lunch just can’t be ignored! That’s where Saba To Go comes in with a healthier alternative without compromising on flavour…
At Saba To Go, dieters can chose from a range of “Saba Light” (under 400 kcals) and “Saba Slim” (under 250 kcals) mains, starters, and sides. Designed with optimum nutrition in mind, these low-calorie dishes provide those counting calories with something seldom found elsewhere – tasty, satisfying options.
Erika Doolan Nutrition Ireland

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